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Do You Have Gout

Do You Have Gout? What Is Gout and What Causes It?

Gout is a unique form of arthritis, and it’s truly painful. Some people only have one or two flares a month, so they don’t consider it a chronic problem. However, other people have flares galore, leaving them wondering whether it’s become permanent. Gout is an inflammatory response, but it’s also caused by a second culprit…

Painful Arthritis

How Does the Body Turn Inflammation Into Painful Arthritis?

Chronic inflammation is the cause, progressor, and result of various kinds of arthritis. It either starts with acute inflammation after an injury, or it results from the body turning on itself when an autoimmune dysfunction arises. Either way, inflammation is painful. So, why would you want to suffer from this life-sucking, pleasure-popping condition that makes…

What Causes Arthritis to Develop in Your Joints?

What Causes Arthritis to Develop in Your Joints?

Different types of arthritis are caused by various factors. Learning about the risks and predisposed causations of these debilitating conditions can help you navigate away from them or manage them more effectively. Some can be avoided, and the onset of others can be delayed well into the golden years. Moreover, some types of arthritis can…

Common Arthritis Types

What Are the Most Common Arthritis Types People Can Have?

Arthritis isn’t only a pain in the backside. It’s a painful inflammation that surrounds the joints in your body. Many people suffer from osteoarthritis, the most common type, but there are more than 100 other types of arthritis. The first certainty about arthritis is that it’s misunderstood. The term ‘arthritis’ actually refers to a collection…

Benefits of Organic Green Tea

Benefits of Organic Green Tea

Have you ever grown your own vegetables? If you have you will know that they taste a million times better than those you buy from the supermarket. And one of the reasons for that is they are organic. Tea comes from leaves grown on a plant. If that plant is grown organically then as you…

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