Benefits of Organic Green Tea

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Have you ever grown your own vegetables? If you have you will know that they taste a million times better than those you buy from the supermarket. And one of the reasons for that is they are organic.

Tea comes from leaves grown on a plant. If that plant is grown organically then as you can imagine, it tastes much better than mass-produced tea. This is because it is grown on land that hasn’t been used over and over to grow other crops on. Because of that, the land still has plenty of nutrients that find their way into the tea plant. So, all the benefits of that tea are enhanced. Below are the benefits of organic green tea.

1. Not Ingesting Toxic Chemicals

The other thing that happens to non-organic tea is that it is sprayed with chemicals. Some of these chemicals help the tea plants grow faster. Other chemicals help stop pests that eat the leaves. There are also chemicals sprayed on crops that kill the weeds that surround the tea plants. Unfortunately, all these chemicals can leave traces on the plant which stay on the tea that you put in your cup.

Many people choose to drink green tea for its health benefits. But many of these chemicals used during the growing process are bad for your health. So, drinking organic green tea is much better for you. Whatever we eat or drink, we do so because we want it to taste the best that it can. And just like those home-grown vegetables, we mentioned earlier if the green tea is organic it will taste much better than tea that has chemicals on it.

Normally to get chemicals off foods you wash them. But you can’t do that with green tea. You are literally drinking the water that they are soaking in, so there is no way of stopping the chemicals from getting into your body. It makes sense to have organic green tea so you don’t have to worry about those pesky chemicals.

2. Assists in Losing Weight

As a green tea drinker, you know the reasons why it is good for you. One of the main reasons is that it helps with weight loss. It does this by speeding up some of the processes in the body that keep it ticking over, known as metabolism. One of these processes is burning fat.

Unfortunately, the chemicals that kill pests can mess with the body’s chemicals called hormones. There are many hormones that play an important part in losing weight. If these hormones are not working properly they can stop you from losing weight. Or worse still, can even lead to gaining weight. The hormones that pest-killing chemicals affect mostly are the ones that affect appetite. And appetite is a huge part of losing weight.

3. Helps in Controlling Inflammation

Another reason people drink green tea is that it can lower their chances of getting some diseases. These diseases are caused by something called inflammation. When you cut yourself and it gets red and sore (inflamed). This is great for a cut because it’s nature’s way of letting you know there is damage to your body. But when that soreness is inside your body you cannot see it. Scientists have proven that chemicals that kill pests and weeds can cause this soreness inside the body.

And it can get worse if you are regularly drinking green tea that has been grown non-organically. This soreness inside your body can also mean that you get ill more easily and cannot fight germs and viruses as well. Another reason many people drink green tea is to help keep them healthy and free from illness. So, it seems a bit foolish to have green tea that has been grown using chemicals that have the exact opposite effect

4. Feeling of Wellness

Finally, green tea is often drunk as it contains an ingredient that keeps us happy. Once again pesticides have the opposite effect and can cause anxiety and low mood. I am not sure how you feel but if you are drinking green tea to make you feel better and healthier, it is a bit of a no-brainer to drink it as pure as possible. Which means green tea that has been grown organically.


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